Sunday, 4 January 2015

WIP - the Hall of Shame!

With Christmas done and dusted it felt right to do some reorganising. I knew I had a couple of projects to complete once the festive makes were finished but I didn't think I had a really meaty project to enjoy in the New Year. Inevitably, this led me to bring home some more yarn from Marmalade Yarns so that I wouldn't get to that horrible state of having nothing to do! I needn't have worried - once I went through my various bags and baskets I realised I had more than enough projects, either started or planned for, to keep me going for most of 2015! I decided to post some of them here to shame me into completing them before I acquire any more yarn! So, in no particular order, this is what I will be doing in January (and February, March, April etc)...

Lace scarf - about a quarter done so far.

Capelet/cowl thing - designing it as I'm doing it and currently stalling on what to do next.

String basket - hardly started but abandoned because it hurt my fingers and wrists. Need to remember to do a couple of rows every now and then.

Simple Granny blanket needed for a birthday in February.

Crocheted skirt - 1 motif done!

Beautiful yarn earmarked for some fingerless mitts (the Skein Queen) and a cabled cowl (the wonderfully soft Purl Soho yarn).

A cap sleeved cardigan - two thirds done.

I've also got several skeins set aside for socks and fairisle mittens!

On the painting front I have given myself the challenge of painting a butterfly a day for the month of January. I'm actually a bit ahead of myself on this as I've already started tomorrow's and Tuesday's! Once each sheet of 6 is finished I need to varnish them and then cut them out with a scalpel before mounting them individually in the little 3D frames.

This is preparation for a pop up shop I'm taking part in, in February, so I also need to get cracking with crocheted bunting, corsages and hair grips. I think I need a lie down!

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