Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Yay - I made a Tee Shirt!

I have spent the last few evenings wrestling with my sewing machine and overlocker, using new stitches, working out how to use a twin needle, trying not to be impatient and refraining from bad language (well, I didn't quite manage the last one!) all for the sake of a tee shirt! I saw this project as a learning process so I used some cheap fabric in case I botched the whole thing up. I've discovered that I don't like cutting out stretch fabric but sewing with it really isn't as difficult as I feared. I used a combination of the super strength straight stitch on my sewing machine for the neckline and armholes and the overlocker for the side and arm seams, and for neatening edges. I used a twin needle for all top stitching and hemming and now I have a homemade tee shirt that I might actually wear out of the house!
Tee shirts aren't really my thing but I do like the v neck and three quarter length sleeves on this one. The neck line was the trickiest bit of the whole thing and although it's far from perfect, it's definitely wearable.

So, inspired by this experience I'm now on the lookout for other stretch fabrics and patterns to sew - there doesn't seem to be a wide variety available in the shops I've been to so I think I need to look online.
I'm considering taking part in the Me Made May challenge but before committing myself to wearing something homemade every day in May I need to come up with a few more items. Consequently I ran up a little cotton tunic which requires no fastenings and is a very quick make. It's the first time I've made this particular pattern and although I do need to make a few adjustments to the fit I can see me making a few more.

It doesn't sit quite right under the arms but luckily my little knitted top not only matches in colour but also covers any fitting issues!
I also couldn't resist using this cotton rich Aran when it arrived in Marmalade Yarns. These colours reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream and were quickly hooked up into a snug cowl. Of course, since making it the sun has shone and I've had no need for it! Never mind, now I've made a summery tee shirt it's bound to rain!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Mimi Blouse

Well, I feel I've got my money's worth from Love at First Stitch as I've now made my third item from it. This time it was the Mimi blouse. I used a drapey lightweight fabric which was a pain to sew and even worse to press (as is horribly clear in these photos!) but the pattern itself is well drafted and, as with the other two patterns I've sewn, clearly explained. I did get confused at one point when attaching the collar but realised later that this was due to my own impatience! If I make this one again, I would go down a size - the shoulders are a bit wide and there's a bit too much roominess in it, but I'm calling this a wearable toile!

Next up is my biggest sewing challenge of late - a simple t shirt (I've never sewn with jersey before) and a pair of trousers! 

I've also finally finished hand painting the commissioned Lino print - I finished the print ages ago but the paper I used wasn't thick enough not to buckle when over painted. If the paper is too thick it's hard to get a good print so I had to try several weights before finding the perfect balance. I've done three versions with slightly different tints in each. One of the things I love about linoprinting is the 
freedom to explore different colour ways - if it doesn't work you can just print another!