Thursday, 20 August 2015

Summer Lull

The Summer holiday is whizzing along and although I love the change in routine I find I don't use the time so much for making and painting, but for planning. I did manage to whizz up a little shawlette with a single skein of some beautiful Skein Queen 4ply that I've had for about a year, and I finally made my husband the shirt I've been promising him for ages...

I was particularly pleased with the shirt and enjoyed making it slowly and carefully. I've already promised eldest son one for his graduation next year and may well make hubby another one for Christmas. 

I have two knitting projects and three crochet projects on the go and plans for more chicken paintings in the Autumn. In the meantime I'm having a good old sort out of my studio so that when two eldest boys go back to uni and peace is restored then I'll be ready to go!