Thursday, 7 January 2016

A New Year and a new skirt...

...and it's crocheted!
I've often thought that the qualities of crochet that make it hard to create most wearable items - it's bulk and density and lack of drape - actually make it perfect for a simple skirt. However, when I first mooted the idea of making a crocheted skirt over a year ago, most of my work colleagues were sceptical, to say the least! Nevertheless, when I saw a pattern in Simply Crochet that I liked I bought some yarn, did a sample motif and then promptly put it all in bag and forgot about it. I think I was put off from putting so much time into a project that may be completely unwearable. This Christmas, though, in looking for something to do over the holidays, I came across the bag and decided just to go for it - and yesterday I wore it to work!

I teamed it with an all black ensemble hoping to blend into the background and not be mocked for wearing a blanket but the response was positive - even my most doubting of colleagues made encouraging noises!

Having had a good clear out of my wardrobe, I now have more handmade clothes than shop bought. My aim for this year is to continue to make as much as possible and particularly to make well fitting trousers. I'm definitely won't be crocheting those though!