Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back on track...

After a very busy couple of weeks I finally have some time to sit and enjoy the sunshine. How appropriate then to chose to knit a shawl in the middle of a heat wave! However, I'm finding this pattern very soothing as the end of term madness comes to a climax!

Frome Festival enjoyed its best weather ever and there was a lovely atmosphere in the town. We did see lots of hot and sweaty folk braving the Arts Trail and both weekends went well. The crocheted pebbles had a mixed reaction ("what's the point of them?" was my favourite comment!) but I did make sales!

Blurry shot taken whilst setting up!

I don't feel like I've crocheted anything substantial for ages, so next up is another bag design - hope to have some pictures soon!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Crocheted pebbles

A colleague at work has requested a crocheted pebble. I've seen lots of lovely examples on Pinterest but had never tried making one. The first couple I tried I used a mercerised DK cotton, and whilst I quite liked the end result, it felt a little chunky. Then I tried using some fine crochet cotton and prefer the effect it gives.

I feel the need to buy some more colours! It was quite fiddly at first getting used to crocheting over the pebble, but it is strangely satisfying when it all comes together. I made the patterns up as I went along and enjoyed seeing how the stitch patterns worked when stretched so tightly. 

I also varnished the little painted pebbles I did a while back - I thought I might try selling them at the open studios at the weekend.

I've also been framing up my paintings - I buy frames whenever I see a bargain and I always enjoy matching pictures to frames. 

Lots more to do before the weekend so I better get off the sofa and back to the studio!