Monday, 30 March 2015

Megan Dress and a cross dog!

I made the Megan Dress from the Love At First Stich book with some cheap tartan. I decided to use this instead of making a muslin and I've actually ended up with a wearable dress! I really love the shape and fit of this dress and plan to make at least two more - one using the Spring Hares fabric and possibly one in linen, although I'm slightly concerned that a linen version would end up with a saggy bottom after a day of wearing and sitting!

When I put in the invisible zip in the fish skirt I used a regular zipper foot and the result is ok but not completely invisible, so for this dress I invested all of £5 in an invisible zipper foot and I think it makes a big difference. The next challenge for me is clearly in the art of pattern matching!

I also, finally, finished my pink (oh so very pink!) lace and kidsilk haze scarf. I don't think it looks that great on me so I put in on Mabel instead - as you can see from her expression she is not impressed! Maybe pink isn't her colour either!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bits and Pieces...

I've thoroughly enjoyed using my free time to do creative bits and pieces just for the fun of it over the  last couple of weeks. The pop up shop was great fun and successful for all four of us, but it is nice to be making something for no other reason than just because you want to!

I've made a couple of slouchy hats - one knitted, one crocheted. Both have a high silk content and are very warm to wear on those early morning dog walks!

I've experimented with a new corsage design - more three dimensional than my previous ones, and also tried my hand at making a pendant for a necklace. I just used a photocopy of an existing painting of mine for this one but I'm quite keen to explore this idea with hand painted images specifically done to fit different sizes and shapes of pendants. I see all sorts of potential for miniature butterflies, birds and creepy crawlies!

I went to Midsomer Quilting with Maxine and came home with two different fabrics - one fishy and one with Spring hares. The range of fabrics was amazing and I shall definitely be back for more!

The fishes have been turned into a skirt. The pattern is the one on the cover of Love at First Stitch and I was very impressed with the clarity of instructions. I plan to turn the hare fabric into the Megan dress from the same book.

One problem with the skirt is that I seem to have nothing to wear with it, so with Maxine's encouragement (again!) I have brought home some yummy Rowan felted tweed to make a little cardi!

I know I have a long list of projects on the go already and I also know that I promised myself not to get any more yarn until I'd finished at least a few of them, but Maxine's very persuasive and I am weak!!