Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas is a coming...

...and the window at Marmalade Yarns was due it's festive makeover!  We had a sociable gathering last week to finish the snowmen and give them all their own personalities! I made a couple of strings of crocheted snowflake bunting, which will also be used in our Christmas Crochet class on Saturday 6th December. Maxine did the shopping for the tasteful (mostly!) accessories, and then put it all together today.

I rather liked the bunting on my own mantle pieces so I might need to make some more for me and also for the Christmas fair this weekend - do come if you're in the Frome area!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

This week..

.. I finished my socks, I chose the yarn to make hubby some socks for Christmas, I finished the linocut, I experimented with hand colouring it, I crocheted some snowflakes in preparation for a Christmas crochet class and I redecorated the bathroom! Strangely, the ironing remains untouched!