Friday, 20 February 2015

Colour Coordinated!

Occasionally, and purely accidentally, I find myself colour coordinated! So when I tried on one of Rachel's rings in the Pop Up Shop this week I was delighted to find that it went not only with my newly crocheted fingerless mitts and my cardigan, but also the crochet hook that I happened to be using! I feel this is a sign telling me that the ring must be mine!!

The Pop Up Shop has Popped Up!

Whilst I've been very quiet on the blogging front of late, I have been beavering away trying to get everything ready for our pop up shop and it is now up and running! I belong to a group of 4 local crafts women known collectively as The Keyford Artisans. Keyford is an old part of Frome where we all live and have previously shown our work during the Frome Festival. The Pop Up shop is in a studio in the lovely Black Swan Arts Gallery in Frome and we have it for two weeks. It's a small but light and airy space and as none of us has large scale work we have managed to fit everything in quite comfortably.

The shop window.

Mary manning the desk whilst simultaneously working on a new fair isle design!

Some of Lin's felted bowls and Mary's tams.

Rachel's beautiful jewellery and pretty lights.

Painted and crocheted pebbles.

My butterfly collection.

Crocheted bunting adorning the desk.

We're open until Sunday 1st March, which is also the day of the next Frome Independent Market. It's been fun to chat to lots of people and even make some sales! We've had some lovely coverage in the local press although they mistakenly attributed me with a degree in metalwork!! Maybe I should start crocheting in wire and see what happens!