Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Decisions, decisions...

When I started playing about with the crocheted version of linen stitch I wanted to see how it would look with a multi coloured yarn. I chose a vibrant sock yarn, Mille Colori by Lang Yarns, as it seemed to have the widest range of colours. I made a chain that was wide enough to work as a scarf and just hooked away until I'd used up one ball.

Initially the stripes didn't appeal to me but as it grew they seemed to make more sense. However, I felt it was just too stripy on its own and needed some circular motifs to break it up. As the linen stitch is quite solid in appearance, I made some solid circles and turned them into simple squares.

The plan was to edge both ends of the scarf with three rows of five motifs, but when I laid them out to arrange the colours I really liked the depth of six rows. I have enough of the second ball to make thirty more motifs but that won't leave any left over to make the stripy section any longer. I'm also contemplating alternating rows of  stripes with rows of motifs. Or joining it up to make a cowl? I love this part of making up a new design - there are so many possibilities and whilst it could all go horribly wrong, it might just go beautifully right!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Yarn bombing Fun!

I've spent the morning with Maxine, co-owner of Marmalade Yarns, prettifying the shop front in readiness for Frome Festival which starts this weekend. I never thought I'd find myself sewing knitted snails onto drainpipes or teetering on a ladder hanging up strings of pompoms but we had a good laugh and lots of positive feedback from passers by!

Catriona, the other co-owner of the shop, is responsible for the gorgeous bike (although Maxine and I couldn't resist adding a snail or two!).
One generous passerby has promised us £100 for the yarnbombed bin. This money will be donated to

I now need to finish preparations for Open Studios which also start tomorrow - it's all happening in Frome!