Monday, 17 June 2013

Getting ready...

I'm starting to get my work ready for the Arts Trail, which is part of the Frome Festival. I collaged these two birdies, which I did in February during my painting a day challenge, onto a painted background of leaves.  I did the leaf painting ages ago but was never quite satisfied with it. I like it much better now with its two little interlopers!

I also did another bird in gouache...

I varnished this one to give it a bit of depth.

 I've got loads more to do, and lots of crocheted bunting to make, which must be why I've just cast on a new knitting project!  Focus, Janet, focus!!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The magical powers of blocking

When my shawl came off the needles it was a shrivelled, misshapen and distinctly unappealing thing!

However, after a good soaking it was pinned onto my garden seat, over a towel, to dry in the sun...

I love how this process changes the whole feel and shape of a piece of knitting or crochet. It is so much more drapey now and almost twice the size

And here it is being modelled by my able assistant, Mabel!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

More knitting...

Eldest is home from university for the Summer. The house is suddenly much noisier and the fridge much emptier! I have sought refuge outside with my new knitting obsession - currently on the needles is a scarf/shawl type thing. I'm not sure about the colour but I'm really enjoying seeing the pattern grow. I have a more subtle skein of green tones that I will use next time. The pattern I'm using had a mistake in it and after several ripping backs, I finally worked it out. I presumed the mistake was in my knitting rather than the pattern, and whilst it was annoying, I do feel rather smug for solving the problem all by myself!

Frome Festival is fast approaching so I shall have to put my needles down and pick up my paintbrushes again (I'm taking part in the Arts Trail). However, the view of my new knitting spot in the sun seen through my studio doorway is just too tempting!