Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Channelling my inner granny!

Despite eldest son using MY sewing room as HIS bedroom during the long summer break from uni, I have managed to churn out a few makes over the last few weeks. My aim is to develop a mostly homemade wardrobe and I'm pleased to have found a couple of dress patterns that I love and plan to make multiple times - more of those in another post (the trouble with having a long break from blogging is there's too much to catch up on when you return!). However, one project that languished in my crochet basket throughout the summer was a crochet top from a rather beautiful Japanese pattern book.

I'd had a John Arbon 3ply yarn in my stash for a while, waiting for a suitable project and decided to match it to this pattern. As the instructions are in Japanese I had no idea what weight of yarn was used originally but a sample motif looked about the right size so I ploughed on. I prefer to work from charts so deciphering the pattern wasn't hard but I had reservations throughout that this wasn't going to work - the Japanese model is very petite and I am most definitely not! Also, it's styled so beautifully in the book which makes it look fresh and modern whereas mine was simply looking like something my Granny might have worn - not the look I was aiming for! However, having it lying there, half done, was annoying me so I bit the bullet this week and just forced myself to finish it. The jury is still out on whether it looks stylish and original or hideous and dated! I also haven't decided whether to put a cord around the neck as per the pattern (too bed jackety?), put a single button on the top, or wear it open like a shawl with sleeves. Option 4, of course, is never to let it see the light of day!

Not learning from this episode I have now started a crocheted poncho - it seems I really am a girl of the 70's after all!