Wednesday, 21 May 2014

In the nick of time...

...I finished the cardigan! I was meeting my friend on Tuesday and finished sewing the buttons on at 11pm on Monday evening! Considering we had discussed this idea as a birthday present as early as last August I really didn't think I would be cutting it quite so fine! All I can say is sleeves are deceptively time consuming!

The pattern is 'Paulie' which is free on Ravelry. It is well written and easy to alter to your own measurements. I lengthened the body and lowered the waist shaping as well as making the sleeves full length. A few people mentioned problems with getting the shawl collar to lie flat so I added some extra short rows. It still kept flipping up so I've secured it in place with some invisible thread.

I did an i-cord bind off for the first time. I love this technique and will definitely use it again. However, through inexperience, I did it too tightly and consequently had to block the cardigan very aggressively in order for the button band to lie flat. 

I had planned to make the buttons myself - however, my clay ones looked wrong so I decided to use the technique described by Kate Davies in her book 'Colours of Shetland'. Wheelhouse buttons are made from yarn so can perfectly match your knitted garment. I was really pleased with the one I made but there was one serious flaw - it wouldn't go through the buttonhole! I tried making a smaller one but it was just too fiddly. Luckily I was able to find some last minute, complementary buttons at Marmalade Yarns - phew!

          So the cardigan is now safely delivered and my numb fingers can have a bit of a rest!