Saturday, 31 May 2014

Brown Eyed Susan...

After breathing a sigh of relief when I finally finished the Paulie cardigan, I immediately started planning my next (crocheted) make. However, I knew I needed to finish the knitted shawl I'd started and abandoned (in order to finish said cardigan!) first. Brown Eyed Susan is one of many beautiful patterns in the book "Juju's Loops" and I thought it would be a perfect partner for the Rowan Fine Art sock yarn I'd been eyeing up in Marmalade Yarns for a while. My heart sank slightly when I read through the pattern and realised that the last few rows would have more than 700 stitches - I didn't want this project to be another lengthy one. However, this shawl positively flew off the needles and I completed it in a few short days.

Hot off the needles - unblocked 

The striped section went really quickly, whilst the ruffled border was the perfect combination of interesting, but not too complicated, to make me want to keep doing just one more row to watch the pattern grow. It ends with a crocheted cast off, which I'd never done before, but this was satisfyingly quick and easy.

A light blocking just to straighten the top edge

I have to say I absolutely love this shawl - the weight of the ruffled edge makes it hang really nicely and the yarn is beautifully soft and squishy (and was a joy to knit with). I feel like a Jane Austen heroine when I wrap it around my shoulders - I just need the long frock and large house (and Mr Darcy, of course!) to complete the fantasy!

I was reading the most recent post on Quilt While You're Ahead  where Monica talks about the current shawl obsession and reveals her latest gorgeous shawl. I fear I too am gripped by shawl fever and have been searching Ravelry for  inspiration - I currently have about 4 more planned. I'm banking on Frome being the kind of town that happily accepts/ignores the mad shawl lady who thinks she's living in the 19th century!!

Elizabeth Bennet aka Mabel!

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