Sunday, 19 May 2013

New directions!

As a child I was always sewing, crocheting and knitting. My dolls had an extensive, if somewhat bizarre, wardrobe. As an adult, these pastimes fell aside and it wasn't until about 6 years ago that I reignited my love of crochet. My self imposed challenge of not buying any new clothes for a year has brought me back to the sewing machine but knitting had remained a hobby of my youth. I did make a pair of socks last year just to prove to myself that I could do it but a workshop this weekend at Marmalade Yarns has inspired me to pick up my needles again!

This may not look like much at the moment but one day soon it's going to be a Fair Isle tam!
As much as I love crochet, it has its limitations regarding clothing. I've just got my hands on this gorgeous knitting book which is full of things I want to make and wear.

The first thing I want to make is this...

It may take a while, judging by the progress of my hat (impeded last night by a glass of wine or two, and the subsequent ripping back of a row of misplaced colours!) 

I'm also experimenting with a new direction in my painting. I love painting colourful birds but have recently had an urge to paint larger, darker, more sinister looking birds. This bird is painted in a combination of acrylics and acrylic ink and is a work in progress. 

It's not a great photograph - I hadn't realised how tricky it was to photograph something so dark. 
However, I'm thoroughly enjoying working on a larger scale, and trying something new. 


  1. Exciting new things - I have lusted after that book too but felt it was a step too far so I'll watch your progress with interest. I have just cast on for my first pair of socks! So more knitting and less wine could be the receipe for this years beach body - lol ;)

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