Friday, 29 March 2013

Finished top (almost!)

Way back when, I decided to make the Amy Butler Anna Tunic with this fabric.

Having cut the pieces out I put it to one side and then forgot all about it! On Wednesday I had a free day so I made it my mission to finish the top. And I succeeded (almost!) yay! I still have 4 buttons to sew on the back but I need to buy the little ones that I can cover with fabric.

The pattern included lining but I decided to omit this as I didn't want it to be too bulky. This meant a few minor adjustments to the pattern, but overall it was a very straightforward construction.

I added the armhole edgings and used a French seam so that I wouldn't have any raw edges (I don't have an over locker and I don't like the look of a zigzag stitch on a raw edge). I like the inside of a garment to be as neat and tidy as the outside.

I made it to my normal size without any adjustments as it's quite a loose fit. Overall, I'm pleased with it - it fits well and it's wearable! It works well with a cardigan and over jeans or leggings so I don't have to wait for that elusive sunshine to wear it! If I made it again I would lower the neckline and armholes. I've just googled the top and it appears that other makers have said the same thing. Shame I didn't check before I made it!

Well, we're almost into April and I haven't bought any new clothes and I've finally made something from scratch - hurray! My next challenge is to makeover some unworn, unloved clothes currently lurking in my wardrobe!

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