Thursday, 11 June 2015

It's too warm to wear a cardigan...

...just as I finished two of them! Clearly my clothes making is affecting the climate - I make a Summer dress - it rains, I make a cosy cardi - we get a heatwave!
I finished the Rowan Felted Tweed one a couple of weeks ago and despite being quite lightweight it is incredibly warm. I do like it a lot but it's quite hard to wear done up as I've chosen buttons for their prettiness rather than their practicality! They're a smidge too small and also not deep enough so the slightest amount of pressure and they pop open. I'm hoping to remedy this by sewing some ribbon on the back of the button bands. I've not done this before so I'm looking forward to trying it out. I've chosen some bright orange spotty ribbon to add a secret splash of colour!

My second cardigan was started and finished in about 10 days which is a record for me. I am a terribly slow knitter but this one is cropped with 3/4 length sleeves and worked in an aran weight so it positively flew off the needles! The pattern is Miette and is free on Ravelry and was a really easy knit. I really like the vintage feel of it, particularly the shaping for the bust. The only changes I made were to lengthen the body by a couple of inches and shorten the sleeves slightly. I was worried it was working up too small but now it's finished and blocked it fits fine. I haven't put buttons on it yet but I'm planning on putting in some ribbon reinforcements in this one too as the negative ease means there's quite a lot of strain on it and I don't want the button band to gape.

It's amazing how different the colour looks in the first two photos - in reality it's somewhere in between the two. I'm sure I'll make at least one more of these - maybe in a pale pink or buttery yellow. In the meantime I still have an Open Studio to prepare for (procrastinate, me? Never!)


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