Wednesday, 25 June 2014


...from one thing to another and finding it difficult to achieve much of anything!

I'm experimenting with linen stitch (sometimes called seed stitch). Two different yarns and two very different effects.

Both are destined to be scarves of some sort, or possibly cowls.

I've found a way, via Pinterest, of attaching little flowers neatly and securely to hair clips so I'm playing with these and hoping to sell them at the Open Studios next weekend.

If they don't sell, then I'm stuck with them - can't see me persuading my three teenage boys to wear them!!
Finally, I'm playing with tiny scraperboards and wondering whether to add colour.

If only I could settle down to one thing I might actually finish something.  At least now that England are out of the World Cup I can relax and just enjoy the rest of the tournament! Although I now have to fit in cheering on Andy Murray in Wimbledon too!


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