Saturday, 8 March 2014

Early arrivals...

I was slowly and happily getting on with the crochet blankets for our friends' babies when I suddenly had to up my pace, with the news of their arrival 6 weeks early. Thankfully they are both well and will be home soon, so this week found me in a crocheting and knitting frenzy so I could send the parcel off to Rome as soon as possible.

I wanted the blankets to be different but complementary, so I used the same colours but different patterns. The Rowan wool cotton is lovely to work with and I really like these Spring colours. The finished items have a lovely lightweight feel and drape to them and I will definitely use this yarn again.

I also made a couple of little cardigans and hats - they may not last them very long, but I wanted them to have something they could wear straight away, and they're just so cute (and fast to make!) when 
they're that tiny!

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