Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A burst of colour...

After rain, rain and more rain, I felt a serious need to inject some Spring colours into my life. How could I resist, then, when I saw these gorgeous balls of Rowan wool cotton in Marmalade Yarns.

They are perfect to crochet up a couple of colourful cot blankets. I know I said I wouldn't start anything until my 2 cardigans were finished but these babies will be here soon! They will be living in Rome, so I don't want the blankets to be too heavy and hot. I had thought to use 100% cotton, but the combination of wool and cotton in this yarn makes for a much softer and drapier fabric. Being 4ply makes it nice and light too. I love these fresh colours and plan to make lots of circles with a cream edging for a modern, graphic look.

I've also received a new order of Planet Penny cotton which I shall use to make some more heart bunting. 

This always sells well and I've got a craft sale coming up at Bath Library in April.

I've now got to psyche myself up to take Mabel out for a walk (just how much mud can one dog roll in before realising that this is not a desirable activity?) before spending some time in the studio experimenting with more colour!