Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ready for Autumn

Hurrah! I finished the shawl and was able to block it in the sunshine this morning. I pinned it over a towel and into the lawn and hoped for the best.

When I went to check if it was dry I found the brave and fearless Mabel protecting it from the local wildlife! 

I'm pleased with how it turned out, particularly the subtle change of colour in the border.  Here it is modelled by son number 2!

I've spent some time sorting out my studio and trying to make space for my ever growing stash of yarns.

And I finally got my paintbrushes out again and painted a moth! Yay! One down, eleven to go!

I've started some new crochet work and most excitingly of all, from 9th September I shall be working in the lovely Marmalade Yarns every Monday - I can't wait! If you're in the Frome area do pop in - the shop has just had a lick of paint inside and out and is full of beautiful yarns. 

I'm ready for Autumn - bring it on!


  1. your shawl looks amazing! And well done for getting a teenager to pose in it!! We did come to Frome for my bday in July and I went into Marmalade Yarns - they were lovely in there. How close we might have come to meeting!

    1. Thank you Claire! How funny that we could have met in Marmalade Yarns! Let me know if you ever come back!